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Advanced HTML5 game design
First, the beginning

Before, we learned how to use Construct 2 to make a simple game, and the endless learning, so this article mainly records the process of further designing the game with Construct 2, the result is: advanced HTML5 small game - Southern Chivalry Legend.

Second, game planning

A good game design process, the planning of the game is of paramount importance.

In order to better describe the producti ... Read more »
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Gaming is one of the most popular computer activities. New technologies are constantly arriving to make it possible to develop better and more powerful games that can be run in any standards-compliant web browser.

Develop web gamesSection
Welcome to the MDN game development center! In this area of the site we provide resources for web developers wanting to develop games. You will find many useful tutorials and technique articles in the main menu on the left, so feel free to explore.

We've also included a reference section so you can easily find information about all the most common APIs used in game development.

Port native games to the WebSection
If you are a native developer (for example writing games in C++), and you are interested in how you can port your games over to the Web, you should learn more about our Emscripten tool — this is an LLVM to JavaScript compiler, which takes LLVM bytecode (e.g. generated from C/C++ using Clang, or from ... Read more »
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There are plenty of valid ways to create an HTML5 game, and quite a bit of material on the technical aspect of each, so for this article I’ll be giving more of a broad overview of HTML5 game development. How “HTML5” can be better than native, where to start with the development process, where to go when you’re stuck, and how to monetize and distribute games.

Most of the audience here already sees the value in HTML5, but I want to re-iterate why you should be building an HTML5 game. If you are just targeting iOS for your game, write the game in Objective-C, the cons outweigh the benefits in that scenario… but if you want to build a game that works on a multitude of platforms, HTML5 is the way to go.

One of the more obvious advantages of HTML5 for games is that the games will work on any modern device. Yes, you will have to put extra thought into how your game will respond to various screen sizes and input types, and yes, you might have to do a b ... Read more »
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We're going to walk through how to create an adaptive web experience that's designed mobile-first. This article and demo will go over the following:

The Need for Adaptivity

As the web landscape becomes increasingly complex, it's becoming extremely important to deliver solid web experiences to a growing number of contexts. Thankfully, responsive web design gives web creators some tools for making layouts that respond to any screen size. We'll use fluid grids, flexible images and media queries to get the layout looking great regardless of the size of the device's screen dimensions.

However, mobile context is much more than just screen size. Our mobile devices are with us wherever we go, unlocking entire new use cases. Because we constantly have our mobile devices with us, connectivity can be all over the board, ranging from strong wi-fi signals on the couc ... Read more »

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Would you like to learn some HTML?

Sounds like a great idea. Hence the reason why I’ve put together this HTML tutorial for beginners.

There are at least 1.2 billion websites in the world today. Practically all of these websites use HTML in one way or the other.

P.S: If you don’t want to learn HTML and start building your website right away, without coding required, take a look at this guide: How to Make a Website for FREE (without learning HTML).

Introduction to HTML

What is HTML?

What is HTML ... Read more »

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