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Top 15 addictive HTML5 games
Editor has a confession (greedy) true (playing) attitude, playing all the games all over, first spoiled a few, there are super Mario, bubble hall and other really fun classic games, play back to play Don't be really addicted ^_^

Super Mario
Sand Trap
Galactic Inbox
Contre Jour
Shell heroes
Fluid Table Tennis
Unsnarl it
Universe within
Circle game
Pappu Pakia
Lux Ahoy
Advanced HTML5 game design
First, the beginning

Before, we learned how to use Construct 2 to make a simple game, and the endless learning, so this article mainly records the process of further designing the game with Construct 2, the result is: advanced HTML5 small game - Southern Chivalry Legend.

Second, game planning

A good game design process, the planning of the game is of paramount importance.

In order to better describe the production process of a game, the concept document of the example game of this article is given here, which is roughly divided into:

Game name (name): Southern Knights Legend.

Setting: In the ancient times, the devil of the Red Flames of the Devils came to the south, the evils were raging, the world was in danger, and there were knights in the south. They could not bear the suffering of this human being. They were
determined to find seven dragon balls in the depths of the 100,000 mountains in southern Xinjiang. The power of the dragon, defeat the wolf king, and reproduce the peace.

Gameplay: The player controls the southern knights to go forward in the 100,000 mountains in southern Xinjiang. After the wading in the mountains, you can find the dragon beads. After collecting the ten dragon balls, you can get the power of the dragon and save the world. The game is successful; but if the player is moving forward If the game is in danger and dies, the game fails.

Game rules: Similar to the parkour game, you can control the action of the Southern Chivalry through the mouse.

Game Sprites:

1. Player: Southern Chevalier, also known as the wind and the wind Chu Chu with the wind. Has a strong health, can resist multiple external damage. You can flexibly avoid the dangers from the mountains and the devil world, and you can absorb the power of the dragon ball.

2. Dragon Ball: There are ten beads containing the power of the ancients, scattered in the depths of the 100,000 mountains in southern Xinjiang. After gathering, you can summon the power of the dragon.

3. The Wolf: The men of the Wolf King, come to the life of the Southern Warrior.

4. Mountain Monsters: All kinds of monsters in the mountains are not rude to the intruders.

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